My Story

"[Hilda's] performance has been nothing less than stellar...

She is able to meet the most demanding challenges by directing her energy and vast experience to the task. With a strong background in teaching and learning theory, Hilda is able to develop training programs that not only address the topic at hand, but also provide an outstanding learning experience for the training participants. She sets reasonable expectations for her audiences, commanding respect while demanding common sense and courtesy. She is able to capitalize on the expertise of the audience, drawing on their personal experiences and testimony.
She comes up with creative ways to discuss controversial topics and is able to "push" when an audience needs pushing. I have never seen anyone who is able to process information faster than Hilda while facilitating a discussion in a large audience. Because of these extraordinary talents, she always receives the highest evaluations as a trainer."

June Lane Arnette, Associate Director
National School Safety Center

People often comment on my presentation style and energy. When they do, I think back to my roots as an educator. I am an effective trainer today because my students helped make me into a good teacher. What I learned in the classroom--about engagement, learning task analysis, responsive instruction and relationships--remain as the underpinnings of my presentations and writing.

I believe that my training style consistently expresses my respect and appreciation for my audience. I work hard to communicate my unyielding faith in people to recognize and do what is right, just and fair for their communities. This faith is especially is important, when the people I work with most often are teachers; parents; students; school, community and civic leaders; law enforcement officers; and health professionals.

The experience I bring to the work I do comes from a career where I have served in many roles, often several at the same time:

· 17 years--regional/national master trainer, and featured international speaker
· 17 years--designing professional development curriculum and trainings
· 14 years--in-house author of books, articles, pamphlets, position papers
· 14 years--health education specialist
· 10 years--school safety specialist
· 19 years--classroom educator
Selected Experiences

· In response to school community efforts to prevent and respond to bullying; designed and delivered trainings and materials stressing the goal of creating “bully resistant” schools and students,  assuming local guardianship of the problem, applying situational prevention strategies and a problem-solving approach.

· In response to safety needs of the Eurpean Council of International Schools; designed and delivered a school safety program strand for the 2008 European Council of International Schools annual conference, Nice, France. Presented the topics of: bullying, cyber-bullying, school site safety assessment and schools as targets of violence and terror.

· In response to cyber-bullying: presented Working With Digital Natives presentation for Wasington D.C. Office Safe and Drug Free Schools 2009 National Conference.

· In response to workplace bullying: developed Bullying In the Workplace presentations for staff members, leaders and mangers within state education offices, districts and for the private university setting

· In response to Virginia Tech tragedy; designed and delivered Let’s Talk: Opening Critical Stakeholder Dialogues to Improve Campus Safety, for the Office of Community Policing, US Department of Justice.

· In response to 9/11; designed and delivered What If? Preparing Schools for Terrorism, for the Office of Community Policing, US Department of Justice.

· In response to the U.S. Department Of Justice community policing initiative; developed a unique diversity training approach and module for school law enforcement officers and their school partners as part of the Keeping Our Kids Safe training program.