Hilda Graham
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"Ms. Graham is an articulate, motivating, and passionate practitioner. Participants consistently applaud her insight into student and adult issues, and her open, no nonsense approach to these sensitive and often ignored topics. Through her perseverance and dedication, Ms. Graham has opened eyes and paved the way for creating and sustaining safe and supportive schools that nourish success for California’s students."

Vivian Linfor, Consultant,
Safe Schools and Violence Prevention Office,
California Depatment of Education

Where Hilda Has Been
A New Way to Look at Bullying

Hilda is excited to be working with Perles Films USA to develop a film called Big Bully.  Hilda is providing her expert knowledge of bullying and her expert voice to the filmakers.  The film will examine bullying beyond the traditional view of children in school and present new images of the phenomenon in an expansive view across social settings and ages.  Look for progress reports here as this project moves forward.

2011 Summer Leadership Institute
South Carolina Association of School Adminstrators
Keynote Speaker
2008 European Council of International Schools Annual Conference, Nice, France,
Pre-conference/conference presenter
2009 Washington D.C. Office of Safe & Drug-Free Schools National Conference
Featured Speaker
2009 Texas Safe Schools and Healthy Students Summit
Featured Presenter
2010 Idaho State Prevention Conference
Keynote and Conference Presenter
2010 Annual Mid-South Prevention Institute
Keynote Speaker
2008-09 “Let’s Talk” Campus Safety National Workshops for Colleges and Universities
Lead Presenter
2010 Arkansas Safe Schools Conference
Keynote Speaker
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Hilda Graham is an accomplished educator, international trainer, national keynote speaker and published author. Hilda works with individuals, groups and agencies to improve the quality of life and safety of children and youth, adults, organizations and communities.  She has authored books, articles, curriculums and training designs addressing a variety of “community life” topics, including bullying, K-12 safety, College and University safety, diversity/cultural fluency, health and well-being.  She has served as an expert voice for school safety issues and a resource for media.